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"Fear is not a good advisor. Patience is called for in these trying times."

Order Status

Due to the worldwide outbreak and continued spreading of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), it may take 3-6 days to process and ship your orders, and, depending on your location, may take 3 to 5 weeks to arrive. Our masks and filters are in extremely high demand worldwide and increasing drastically. Therefore planning ahead to supply your families, friends and co-workers with sufficient masks and replacement filters is becoming prudent.

Order Changes

We would like to remind our customers that, once your order is confirmed, the order cannot be changed and sales are final.

As we like to keep costs for our customers low, any unnecessary or added human interaction would incur costs, which would increase the product and shipping price and delivery times for customers to a degree that would be cost prohibitive.


Shipping & Tracking

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Shipping is free above USD 75.00 cart value. Large volume orders however, are handled via DHL or TNT expedited shipping and charge a separate fee for much faster delivery. See your shipping options on the check-out page.

Since commercial aviation has been grounded, and has been an essential part of getting products around the world, by ways of passenger flight by-loads, we now see freight completely covered by a very limited fleet of ships and capacity and thus also take much longer to deliver.



Absolutely all health & safety products on our store, from any supplier or merchant, off or online, originate from the world's largest producers (99%) in Asia. Thus total processing and shipping time may take 3-5 weeks depending on availability and your location.

Only 1% is produced in the USA and Taiwan respectively, and these sources have been depleted immediately after the outbreak for months to come.

Like it or not, know it or not, during the past few decades most of our wealthy nations's products are produced in China as we all wanted to reduce costs to increase our life styles. Now it comes with a price.

Merchants are currently not working in "normal" times or conditions, in which we could expect fast shipping. It will continue to be difficult as long as Covid-19 slows down how we work and live. Unfortunately our current government's trade policies are adding an immense strain to the entire commerce industries.

Our products are carefully curated in Europe, high quality crafted in China, and managed in the USA.

Again, the negative trade policies enforced by our current government are slowing down all commerce activities industry wide by extremes that remind us of the beginnings or pre-internet era.

Please be patient as tracking numbers will not update until your parcel reaches your country's port, passes customs- and hygiene inspections and gets logged by your local carrier for further delivery.

We are working on partnering with USA and Europe based warehouses to increase the local face mask and replacement filter availability and delivery speed.

However, from whomever you purchase, know that most materials to produce most of our consumer products that we naively believe are "Made in USA" actually originate from Asia, as our wealthy life styles are only possible through taking advantage of cheap labor.

Rest assured, we will always do our very best to make sure you receive your order - no matter how long it takes in these challenging times. However we would also like to point out that we will dispute every refund or chargeback attempt based on our terms and will provide banks with proof to support our case. Late delivery is not a valid reason for cancelation or refund.

Please refer to our refund policies more details. Changes are updated according to shifting trade and logistic realities and regulations.

Stay tuned for our COVID-19 Updates for Customers.

Click here to refer to our special shipment instructions for US Military personnel.



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Please also refer to our special shipment instructions for US Military personnel.