FluShields Really Wishes To Say Good Bye To The Corona Virus: Please Go Away!

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Earlier this year, a particular “virus” had alarmed billions of people around the world. It has closed a lot of industries, restrained the normal movement of the people, lessened the development of big companies, shut down productions, canceled yearly events, and even caused devastation to the lives of many. It’s not a common illness nor something that we consider normal to exist. It is not even a joke and has been a serious subject that makes people forcibly adapt to the changes that it has brought. It also has been the foremost news headlines for almost every day and has been the most priority of social sectors of all the countries nationwide.

Novel CoronaVirus Disease or simply known as “COVID-19” is the contemporary pandemic disease that is being introduced to the people globally for the very first time. It is considered as a pandemic for it had already infected numerous numbers of people worldwide, from the simplest country around up to the richest one above. Coronavirus is a big family of viruses that can be a source of different sicknesses, from the common colds and coughs up to the development of contagious infectious diseases such as MERS-CoV at SARS-CoV that could possibly attack our body’s immune and respiratory systems. Yes, it does sound devastating and unpleasant to hear that this disease has nothing to bring but negative effects. At this time, almost all of the people wish for one thing and that is to finally end this Coronavirus’ life here on earth. But how will this end? Will there be a certain period or specific date of its total absence? Will CoronaVirus go away? 

Good news: You can actually protect yourself from as much as possible by wearing an FFP3 or N95 respiratory face mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

The answer is yes! It definitely will at the right time. We may not have a specified date of recovery from its remarkable effect in our world, but in God’s will, we will be able to overcome this by the end of time. Scientists and even professional doctors are working their best in trying to look for possible ways on how to create vaccines and medicines to prevent the virus from growing and at the same time, heal the patients who have been giving out their best to fight the infectious disease on their own. Besides scientists, the government leaders and even big companies worked and collaborated together to earn and donate monetary funds to be used in creating organizations and projects that could help hospitals and health sectors sustain the needs of their staff and facilities and supply the lack equipment and materials used for treating a COVID-19 patient.  

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As citizens of our own country, all we need to prioritize now is our health. We need to set aside our luxurious wants and even self-satisfaction for the meantime so we could be able to be open for everybody and for the world in particular. Let us all follow safety measures, protocols, and even community rules in order to deplete the growing number of active cases and to also divert ourselves to any possible occurrences. If we really do want to end this pandemic right now and to start living the normal life like we used to do, let’s start being a disciplined citizen of our own country, be mindful of our actions and start within our households. 

Good news: You can actually protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an FFP3 or N95 respiratory face mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot guarantee for consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your health care provider or physician for advice.

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