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Flushields Donates and Calls Communities to Nominate Their School Sports Team To Receive Reusable KN95 Sports Face Masks

FluShields Donates Sports Face Masks to Sports Teams
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Press Release For Immediate Release

Phoenix, January 27, 2021   FluShields, based in Arizona, announced this week that they will not only continue to offer customers the option of 3% of product cost to be donated to 12 chosen charities, but they also ask their customers to nominate a school with sports team(s) who is in need of a face mask donation:

Nominate A School For A Sports Face Mask Donation Today

Kenneth Breeze, CEO of FluShields, was overwhelmed by the good his customers still want to do to help people in even more need in Corona times. “We donated thousands of dollars in 2020 and decided to offer the donation option to our customers also in 2021, since the charities gave us great feedback. Every dollar counts!” 

Flushields donates to the following 12 charities: 

  1. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 

  2. Operation Smile 

  3. Sierra Club Foundation 

  4. Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

  5. New England Chapter - Wildlife 

  6. Arthritis Foundation 

  7. Lymphatic Education & Research Network, Inc. 

  8. Pledgeling Carbon Fund 

  9. Plant For The Planet USA 

  10. Plastic Oceans International

  11. The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation 

  12. UN Foundation: COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO 

In addition, Flushields would like to donate not only money, but also face masks to schools with sports teams in need of face masks for their athletes. “We will donate our reusable sports face masks with PM2.5 carbon activated filters which provide exceptional breathability. They are perfect for players on and off the field to last over the average reusable face mask. The adjustable nose fitting ensures a tight seal and comfort for long periods of wear.” 

FluShields is a trusted face mask and respirators supplier from Scottdale, Arizona with an office in Tempe and fulfillment center in California. CEO Kenneth Breeze, who is actually a real estate investor, founded FluShields in January 2020 out of necessity for protection and started delivering face masks to the US when nobody else did. FluShields was able to expand the B2C business to B2B customers worldwide in 2020, building strong relationships with reliable suppliers and fulfillment centers in the US and donating thousands of dollars via the Pledgeling Platform.


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