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10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

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In the midst of COVID-19, we are all well aware that our health is at risk. But, despite all the risks, we still have a choice. And, that is to make our health our first priority.

But, some people might not know how can the immune system works in the first place. So before doing the things that are needed for better immunity, you need to be aware first of what your body really needs in order to be healthier and stronger during a pandemic crisis. Worry no more, because in this blog you might make it possible to strengthen your body by following these simple steps on how to strengthen your immune system:

1. Get Enough Sleep
You might be having a hard time getting enough sleep due to your work, environment, or circumstances. But despite all hindrances, your body needs a good night's rest. Having enough sleep is very essential in the production of antibodies (your body's infantry). Asleep deprivation can ruin your health. Even how busy you are, you need to organize your schedule and make a routine that fits between seven to nine hours of sleep per day. You can also take some naps if you really find it hard due to your hectic schedules. To have better sleep, you can try to have some herbs, foods, or natural substances that can help you regulate your sleep routine. Getting enough sleep might be considered one of the best treatments for any sort of illness and fatigue. Once you have a habitual practice of getting enough time to sleep at night, your body will develop good cells that can help boost your immune system.

2. Proper Hygiene Habits
It's one of the best preventive measures against all kinds of infections and diseases. Once you have a habit of doing proper hygiene, you can reduce the risk of getting ill and ensure your body's sanitation and you might have a healthy lifestyle. Wash your hands with soap and water a few times a day, especially after taking the bathroom. A 20-second rule of handwashing with soap and water would be more efficient than wiping your hands with wet wipes or tissues. You need to keep yourself clean at all times and by doing so, you can help your body be protected from the risk of getting germs from your surroundings. Take regular showers, even if you are only staying at home. Don’t share drinks directly with others often. Keep your personal belongings strictly for your personal use only. Maintain food hygiene and prepare food safely.

    Good news: You can actually improve your protection from germs by using a hand sanitizer after washing your hands: Get your Hand Sanitizer for the whole family now.

    3. Eat Healthy and Exercise
    Eat a Healthy Diet. It might be difficult for some people to immediately cut off sugary food intake and indulge in eating more fruits and vegetables, however, if you want a healthy lifestyle, you need to be healthy from within. With proper diet and nutrition, you can strengthen your immune system. So, to make it possible, you can ask from a trusted nutritionist or expert that can help you decide what kind of foods are best for your body. People have different body structures, so what you need to eat depends on what your body needs. Make sure that once you settle on the right food and supplements, stick to it, and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Aside from healthy eating habits, you also need to do proper exercises to burn some unnecessary fats in your body and make your blood in good circulation. Doing some cardiovascular exercises can make you feel better and healthier as time goes by. Don't skip a healthy diet and exercise. Start moving and make your life healthier and better.

    4. Exercise Regularly
    Exercising is not just a one-time activity or a hobby that you can do as long as you want. It's a daily routine that you need to do as part of a healthy lifestyle. Daily workout activity does far more than mold the body, it improves the immune system for good breathing and improved sleep. It shouldn't take a long time for your immunity to make clear improvements. Remember to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after exercise. If you want to start doing some exercises at home, you can watch some online video tutorials starting from warm-ups, basic routine up to extensive work-outs. Always ask advice from a health expert or body-builder instructors before doing heavy lifting or extensive workouts. We always aim for perfection and some people wanted to test their limits but always bear in mind that everything should be done from the bottom and should be taken slightly one by one.

    5. Don’t Smoke 
    According to the Livestrong page, smoking is a great deal of damage to health in a number of ways. It makes your immune system weaker and slows the defense of antibodies when you are exposed to external threats. Just a few hours of smoking, nicotine rates decrease dramatically, oxygen blends out, and the body has already undergone immune changes. So, you might find it hard to totally end your smoking habit, so you might just lessen your smoking intake bit by bit until you become independent of not smoking anymore. Smoking might become your habit for a long time or it might be your way to ease your tension or depression, but shifting to a healthy lifestyle (getting rid of smoking habit) can totally change your life and make you better.

    6. Stay Positive
    Step out of isolation and have a positive attitude. Get out and form friendships with new people, step out of isolation, and watch your immunity remain strong. Despite the hardships and trials that you encountered in life, you need to have a positive outlook and always bear in mind that these problems are just challenges in life to make you a better person. Through problems and crisis, you ought to develop yourself in the most productive way. Although it might be a burden to you to have a stressful environment, still you need to change your perspective by looking at the bigger picture in order to improve your horizon. You need to be optimistic no matter what. Bear in mind, that you're not the only person struggling on Earth, and your problem might be simpler or less complicated than others. You need to survive no matter what and in order to succeed with your endeavors, you need to put a smile on your face and be courageous to face all kinds of hindrances in life.

    But, always remember to maintain proper social distancing with others and wear face masks when going outside.

    Good news: You can improve your protection by wearing an N95 respirator mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

    7. Manage Stress Levels
    Harvard Health Publication states that stress of any type may have adverse impacts on the immune system. Both psychological and physical tension that you encounter delays the development of antibodies. The unfortunate thing is that stress will, and is true, an unwanted force in many people's lives. People tend to have their own problems, from mild to serious, and sometimes these problems that you have encountered might trigger your stress and your life might be ruined in an instance once you handle your stress in the wrong way. The best that you can do for your body is to find ways to alleviate the stress, like doing meditation, yoga, exercise, and new hobbies. You might also need a good friend who will listen to your problems in order for you to ease the burden that you feel within, and you might probably need an expert or specialist to give you some insightful advice for efficient managing of your stress level. Don't hesitate to seek help from professionals if necessary, there's nothing wrong with keeping your mental health on the right track.

    8. Get Your Vitamin D Studies to suggest that the body is far more susceptible to autoimmunity and diseases without a sufficient dosage of vitamin D. People struggle to know sufficient vitamin consumption and fall ill given the relatively safe diet.

    Additional Ways To Stay Healthy
    9. Balance Your Alcohol. Too much alcohol can harm your body, but moderate intake can actually balance your immunity and tolerance. So, if you are an adult, try to moderate your alcohol intake in a way that you are not depriving yourself of drinking and not being addicted to it. Like smoking, drinking alcohol, might not be easy to get rid of someone's life. There are various reasons why people consume alcoholic beverages, but the most important reminder is that people need to drink moderately. Discipline and practice might be needed for those who are alcohol-dependent, especially those who drink alcohol for a long period of time.

    10. Consider Probiotics. Probiotics are a healthy type of bacteria that help to repair the digestive system and defend the immune system. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have a health benefit when consumed or applied to the body. You can find them in yogurt and other fermented foods, dietary supplements, and beauty products. They keep the bad bacteria from proliferating, ensuring a healthier lifestyle.

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    Good news: You can improve your protection by wearing an N95 respirator mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

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