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As face masks become mandatory for several states, more designers and clothing manufacturers have started to make designs for face coverings as a fashion statement. Please find a curated selection here at Flushields.

Face masks are a statement that you respect the rules and that you try to protect yourself and others in these challenging times.

The encouragement that is widespread on social media: "If you have beautiful eyes, now is your moment", does not fail to have an effect. But whether with or without beautiful eyes, when you have to cover half your face, the need to do this with a certain stylistic dignity grows. Politicians match the color of their masks with the color of their clothes, in Austria green government politicians were the first to appear in front of their noses with elegant drapery in party color.

Of course, the fashion labels still have scruples about actually generating sales with the masks they sell. There is too much concern that someone will be accused of profit-making during the crisis. That is why the majority of the masks that are available online are marked with the label "Charity". The net profit generated by these products will be donated to charity. Even sales talent Kim Kardashian combined her MNS initiative with a charitable campaign. She announced that she would donate 10,000 masks - the mask collection presented at the same time by her underwear brand Skims sold out within minutes. It was a Gucci mask, however, that will go down in fashion history as prophetic. Singer Billie Eilish wore it with her usual eccentric outfit at this year's Grammys in January.

Fashion face masks may become a fashion accessory and they do take up a fair amount of real estate on your face. So, it’s not surprising that people are looking for aesthetically pleasing ones.

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