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We offer a variety of reusable cotton face masks in small volumes and bulk.
You can wear them with or without filters (PM2.5 / KN95) which help to improve breathing quality in general.

A recent study states that not all face coverings are equally effective at preventing the spread of Covid-19.  While wearing a face mask when you’re outside is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy, not all masks are as good at filtering out potentially harmful particles like coronavirus.

The neck gaiter which was made of polyester spandex material, performed the worst in the study. The bigger particles tend to hang around longer in the air, they can get carried away easier in the air, so this might actually be counterproductive to wear such a mask.
A bandana tied to cover the nose and mouth only offers slightly more protection than no mask at filtering particles. 
The N95 respirator was the most effective in the study, but experts say that these devices are in short supply should be reserved for healthcare workers.

A disposable surgical mask made from a plastic-derived material called polypropylene was the next best option, followed by a mask made from two layers of cotton and one layer of synthetic material. Another recent study that utilized similar technology suggests that cotton face masks need at least two to three layers of fabric in order to be protective. 
Other evidence suggests that wearing a cotton mask may provide protection for the wearer, not just those in close proximity. Interestingly, face masks with valves work well at protecting you from the air around you.

All things considered, the best option for the average person is to wear a face mask that actually works: either cotton or an N95 mask with or without valves, or even a neck gaiter. Any protection helps to keep you healthy.

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