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Our bandana style neck gaiters and scarves remind us of nostalgic cowboy and bandit movies with all the dust and action. Today, sadly, they are used to protect us from each other's pathogens. Well, at least let's look cool doing so 🌵

Neck gaiters or buffs can provide a comfortable and stylish way to cover your faces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But researchers state that certain types of buff face masks are not very effective in stopping the coronavirus. Neck gaiters made of cotton which are triple-layered maybe the most effective according to experts.

A new study from Duke University in North Carolina shows that neck gaiters made from fleece material like a blend of polyester and spandex blend are not effective in blocking coronavirus particles. According to experts, those very tiny particles are transmitted when we talk, cough, sing, sneeze, and yawn. So, always remember that whatever face covering you wear, it’s still important to stay away from gatherings and keep your physical distance.

There is nothing wrong with stylish buffs being used as face coverings, but the problem is the material of which they are made. Shop for neck gaiters made out of cotton and which are triple-layered. Whichever face covering you choose, it should fit your nose and be tight under your chin. Face masks with valves are fine too: just wear them with a PM2.5 filter.

Just make sure that you cannot see the daylight through the face mask or neck gaiter when you hold it up to the light. Materials are recommended that do not have a large enough space between the fibers to allow virus particles to easily pass through. If you see daylight, it is likely that the mask is not enough for preventing viral spread. In most cases, a cotton mask with several layers is fine.

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