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Wholesale Personal Protection Equipment & Medical Supplies

Have a Large Order?

We can fulfil bulk wholesale PPE orders of any size: any type face masks, filters, syringes, gowns, goggles, nitrile gloves, and other medical supplies. We provide imports and USA made products.

Make sure to check our product pages first to make your purchase fast and directly. If we don't offer the volume there, place your order below to receive a detailed quote. Reach out to us via text or voice below or via our contact page for all your non-order placement questions.


🇺🇸 Phone SMS/VM: +1 702 941-0162 | 🇪🇺 WhatsApp/Signal: +49 017684416608

Bulk Order Request Form:

Due to the heated market climate, and the increasing regulations to build a solid customer relationship, we recommend that new first time bulk buyers (above 10000 pcs) to purchase a small amount in our shop first to establish a trustworthy, quality, and long term business relationship. This will allow both parties to test run the transaction and verify product quality.

You can either purchase directly on our online shop or, if you know exactly what you want, email us a purchase order to info@flushields.com. Payment for test orders will be 100% up front.

Most of our products are on the ground (OTG) in EU and USA, either through import or produced locally. We purchase directly from multiple manufacturers in the USA, EU and Asia.