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Low Pricing and Fast Shipping: FluShields Introduces New Wholesale Department For Bulk Face Mask Orders

Press Release For Immediate Release

Men Working In A Flushields Warehouse
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Scottsdale/Tempe, January 1, 2021    FluShields, a Breezango, LLC Company, announced today that they have officially opened their new wholesale department to fulfill bulk orders from 20.000 face masks up to 5.000.000 with guaranteed low pricing and fast shipping times.

You can place your wholesale bulk orders here.

FluShields has been serving thousands of individual customers with certified face masks all over the country last year. “The experience of founding a face mask company in Corona times,” Kenneth Breeze, CEO FluShields, explained, “was an intense rollercoaster of overwhelmed suppliers, stuck customs and prolonged local delivery services, lost shipments, customers who accused us of being a scam to many awesome experiences with thankful customers: from firefighters to police officers from the landscape business owner to the traveling nurses. Our dedicated team learned to adapt to the mostly desperate needs of our customers to stay healthy in a very short period of time. We are now happy to announce the opening of our new wholesale department to provide even faster shipping of large bulk orders of certified face masks in the US.”

FluShields is now a trusted face mask, respirators and protective gear supplier from Scottsdale, Arizona with an office in Tempe and a new fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, California. CEO Kenneth Breeze, who is actually a real estate investor, saw first the need for face masks at the end of 2019: a couple of business partners, who had just visited China, called him telling him stories about the then-new Coronavirus and the possible need for face masks and other protective gear. Ken started calling some trusted friends and family members to put a team for the new business together. He founded FluShields in January 2020 and started delivering face masks to the US right away when nobody else did.

It was a very tricky venture since the FluShields team had no experience in selling certified face masks. In addition, FluShields was banned from any online ad services in the second week of their business. They were accused of being a scam, of pushing prices up and lying to potential customers. “Not a very welcoming way of building up our business in the US,” Kenneth Breeze laughs at it now. ”Whatever hit us in those first months, we kept going, even without any ads, just mastering the SEO on our website. We were able to keep prices low, and from day one donated 3% of product cost to 12 chosen charities in the US. We are very thankful to our customers who trusted us with their protective equipment. Now we are very proud to expand our business to larger bulk orders with very low prices and short shipping times.” 


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