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When your life is on the line, our 101 survival kit collection offers the items you'll want on your side. The trick is to have your must-have survival items in place way before disaster strikes.

Having a survival kit is like having a backup plan. There are two types of survival kits. One would be an evacuation kit, your survival kit that is portable, and pre-packed so you can evacuate your home in just a few minutes with everything you need. The other is a three-day kit, which has stored supplies you would need to survive in your home for a specific amount of time with no power, no running water, and possible damage to your house.

Here are just a few scenarios where you need your survival kit:

A disease like Corona can spread quickly. Areas go under quarantine - like it is happening now. That means people don’t go out anymore. They stay home to stay healthy and not spread the disease. In the case of quarantine, you would need to be ready with enough survival supplies to shelter in your place.

In many cases, people are well aware there is a fire on the way, and most of the time they get out safely. But you could also be the first home that gets demolished, giving you maybe a couple of minutes to evacuate your home and the area in the opposite direction. Even if you do not evacuate, you may experience an extended power outage due to fires or a disruption of supply lines, meaning temporary food or gas shortages.

Tornadoes and Hurricanes
Having survival kits prepared and ready to go in advance means you can continue your day as normally as possible, knowing that if disaster strikes you are instantly ready to evacuate or shelter in place.

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