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Nitrile Gloves that should be used in all instances in which there is a risk of exposure to viral pathogens during a Coronavirus, SARS, HNHI, or an influenza surge, outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.

This includes handling currency, opening doors, operating telephones, using a mobile device, or typing on a keyboard and changing personal protective equipment (e.g. respirator masks, goggles, hazmat coveralls).

Nitrile Gloves limit exposure to surfaces that have been contaminated with viral pathogens from the exhalation of an infected person. Health experts insist that prudent hand hygiene drastically reduces the risk of infection during an influenza pandemic.

How are Nitrile Gloves different from Vinyl or Latex Gloves?

Vinyl gloves are less durable and are designed for environments in which there is a low risk of infectious contact- housekeeping, maintenance, and food service areas. Latex gloves may offer adequate protection. However, latex contains rubber proteins that may create an allergic reaction after prolonged usage. Compared with Vinyl and Latex, Nitrile offers non-allergic protection in environments where exposure to dangerous biological particles is a concern.

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