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Your Contribution & Posting Guidelines

Thanks for stopping by. This is your FluShields influencer relations page, where you’ll find everything you need to collaborate with us on product promotions, giveaways, charity donations, and much more. We ask you to read through the following carefully.

Please be authentic about backing our brand. You receive compensation for this collab, but we only want influencers who want to help the community during this pandemic and aren’t in it for “free stuff” or discounts. Thanks!

Not convinced about us yet? Continue reading and see what FluShields has already done for the community and go to our “about us” page to find out more about the company.

At the bottom of the page are the products available for promotion.

Our Message

In your caption, we would like for you to write why you’re supporting the FluShields brand. Include the struggles you experienced with face masks and/or COVID. You can be as creative as you want. Tell a short story and make the connection between why you’re collabing with us. We recommend going through our site to find more reasons why you’re enthusiastic about collaborating with us. 

Here are some of our major events you can use as inspiration for your caption:

  • FluShields raised over 5000USD for various charity organizations
  • For every 10 masks bought we donate 1 face mask to various schools, hospitals, and anyone in need of respirators or face masks. (We do a monthly donation)
  • FluShields offers exclusive discounts for public servants (firefighters, teachers, nurses, police, etc.)
  • We source FDA EUA, CE, and NIOSH approved products, so our customers receive the right PPE equipment. Certificates and links are given upon request. 

Posting Guidelines

  1. Story post:

  • Hashtag: #facemask
  • Tag our brand: @Flushields 
  • The post must be visible for at least one day.
  • The length of the story must be at least 5 seconds long if it's a video. A photo is possible as well.


  • Write a caption (at least 2-3 sentences, incl. hashtags) related to the partner/product
  • Use these caption hashtags: #facemask #flushields #ppe #maskon #masksupplier
  • Mention Our Brand in the caption: @Flushields
  • Tag us on the photo: @Flushields
  • The post must be visible for at least 90 days.
  • Post Options:
  1. One Selfie/Image with our product in use
  2. Carousel starting with your selfie/image of the product in use and then continuing with our product images is recommended, especially if monetizing.
  • Add a call to action to your caption, pointing to your BIO link or discount codes.

  1. BIO:


  • Include discount codes (available below)
  • The link and/or codes must remain for 14 days.

What You Receive

First, we recommend you join our affiliate program, as it enables you to earn up to 10% commission on each sale through your link.

Your FREE Mask & Discount Code

Use the code below in the “cart” page to get your free mask. We only ask you to pay our $5.99 shipping fee. The free mask code can only be applied to products shown below. The codes can only be used once. The discounts can only be applied to the first option variant of each product.


$15 off starting at $100 cart value: 15OFF

We will promote you on our Instagram, and tell your story. 

Last, you help struggling communities receive face masks, respirators or surgical masks. Each sale from your followers helps move that along. You are therefore indirectly helping flatten the curve, while the vaccine will take time to hand out this year.

Give and Earn.

With your affiliate program, you receive a personalized 10% discount code that you can give to your followers as well.