FluShields Explains Why Does Shipping Masks & Filters Take So Long?

Shipping a Century ago on a Clipper Ship


Dear Customer,

Thanks for your patience and recent purchase with FluShields. We understand your frustration about the long shipping in these trying times, we feel the same way. As painful as it appears, the world has changed dramatically and things won't go back to normal any time soon.

In fact, we feel as if we dropped out of a time machine into the wrong century, where wooden ships took ages to get from one continent to another.

But rest assured that your FluShields team is doing everything in their power to keep up the flow. Please find a few pointers here...


👇 FluShields and their customers like you are proud to have... 

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 🚚 Tracking & Shipping

Enter your order confirmation tracking number using ParcelsApp. All goods are shipped literally by ship these days which takes much longer. Airfreight is down until further notice. During the many transit points of your product's journey, tracking does not update immediately due to minimal staff on all points of the worldwide supply chain.

Shipping times are an estimate until it arrives at your country's port and is tracked by your local delivery service. Now your parcel still needs to go through various redistribution hubs. Keep in mind that logistic delivery routes are not as direct as we might assume when looking at a map. Products are delivered to hubs and get re-distributed to the next carrier. Each transit hub causes time delays.
Other added delays are: sanitizing workspaces and parcels, waiting on planes and ships to fill so the shipping cost isn't too high for the end consumer, and last a low workforce.

🏭 Manufacturing 

Little did many of us know that most of our goods are produced in Asia or other faraway low-income countries. Especially the products we think are known to be local brands. Many are originally created in Asia, have great quality, but they take ages to reach the US or Europe: Asia is the No.1 producer for KN95, FFP, PM2.5, and any other type of masks, filters, gloves, goggles, sanitizers and more. They cover 99% of the world's supplies. And those manufacturers and suppliers are doing a great job catching up, too. Limited production, supply, and logistic staff and employees working from home is slowing down processes tremendously.
This worldwide pandemic is showing us the truth about our commerce and our dependencies. We are certain the world community will learn a few lessons and make changes. In the meantime ...
... keep in mind that the worldwide supply chains are heavily disrupted due to this CoVid-19 outbreak. Currently, all mask & filter supplies from any merchant online or off, originate from the same sources from various locations in and around Asia. However, one thing is sure, your parcel will arrive. It just takes longer than we are normally accustomed to.

😷 Replacement Filters

Reusable masks can be lukewarm hand washed, however, filters need to be changed daily since they contaminate and loose filter capacity during usage. Thus the need to stock up on replacement filters as much and as early as possible since shipping times are far from normalizing any time soon.
Au contraire, our governments are outbidding each other, inflating prices and seizing large quantities for health practitioners only (which they deserve, of course), however leaving the general public "out in the rain". Therefore, we'd like to inform and educate you and your loved ones, even more, byways of our News Blog & FAQs in the links below.

🎁 Join. Refer a Friend. Share The Goodness

Help spread protection even more by joining our referral program to share with friends, colleagues, and family their much needed respiratory health protection. You both each receive $10.00 off your next purchase. Just click the blue rewards button on any of our pages, then join, share, and shop. 

🕊 Help us Help Organisations Help the Ones That Can't

The FluShields team has partnered with a curated list of 12 charity organizations that protect animals, clean our oceans from plastic, replant trees, help children, research disease for a cure, and much more. We donate a portion of our proceeds to these helpers. At check out, feel free to join us by rounding up or donating to our helpers healing our world.  


Be well and stay safe,   

Your FluShields Team

"Meeting the needs of this moment will require patience, compassion, and creativity—and remembering that we’re all in this together." 


Good news: You can actually protect yourself from viruses by wearing an FFP3 or N95 respiratory mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot guarantee for consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your health care provider or physician for advice.

Thanks for stopping by.
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