FluShields Ask Professionals When Healthcare Personnel Should Definitely Wear Face Masks

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Surgical and respirator masks are widely used by health care professionals. In a clinical and non-clinical setting, there are guidelines on when a healthcare professional would likely wear masks.

When is a respirator mask required?

Wearing a respirator mask is required to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful respiratory particles and other airborne chemicals that are threats to the body.

According to the European Standard EN149, FFP3 (98% efficiency) has the highest filtration efficiency of the respirator mask. The second-highest is the FFP2 (N95) which has 95% efficiency.

It is essential for staff to undergo face-fit testing training before using respirator masks so proper protection might be ensured. The masks should be tightly sealed to the face covering the nose and mouth completely. 

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People with flu are advisable to use face masks when they are in contact with others to reduce the risks of spreading viruses and bacteria, likewise, the healthy people should also wear a mask if they are caring for a person with flu or any sort of illness in non-clinical situations.

When healthcare professionals are involved in caring for a patient with a confirmed case or diagnosis, they should wear a face mask, plastic apron, and gloves as a standard precaution. When a splashing in an affected area likely to occur, eye protection such as goggles should be used. 

When physiotherapy which possibly generates aerosols, and FFP3 respirator is required together with a gown, gloves, and eye protection.

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