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This is a common question: N in the N95 Respiratory Mask stands for non-volatile. N also means non-metallic; and it stands for “Not resistant to oil,” which is the evaluation requirements for N95 masks. They are stricter than for surgical masks and they also have high filtration efficiency, protecting against diseases such as tuberculosis, SARS, H1N1, influenza - like the Corona Virus.

In a clinical setting, N represents a non-volatile oxygen mask. It is worn to help keep patients' breathing passages clear of particles and mucus that may hinder blood flow. What is a non-volatile mask? It is a mask that does not store oxygen in the form of a gas. It just works by removing any deposits from within the patient's lungs.

What's the difference between 'N' and other masks?

There are two different factors to classify a disposable particle respirator: how the mask filters air and how can it resists oil. The different ratings in place for respirators indicate how well the mask would protect against oils and are rated as N, R, or P. According to NIOSH, “respirators are rated ‘N,’ if they are Not resistant to oil, ‘R’ if somewhat Resistant to oil, and ‘P’ if strongly resistant (oil Proof).”

Good news: You can protect yourself as much as possible by wearing a N95 respirator mask:  Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.


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