FluShields Reveals What A N95 Respirator Face Mask NOT Protect Against

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Once correctly used, N95 respirator masks block away at least 95% of the airborne contaminants. When used without proper training and preparation, masks may not only expose the wearers to the infection but also trick them into believing that they are safe.

Good news: You can also protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an FFP3 or KN95 respiratory mask: Get your KN95 respirator masks & replacement filters for the whole family today.

The N95 face mask is not effective against gases and vapors. Examples of gases include methane and carbon monoxide. Vapors may include chemicals such as organic solvents and formaldehyde.

Bear in mind that the N95 Respirators work only if there is a tight seal around the face, which is something that not possible for someone with a full beard. For people with facial hair, a high pressure, the full-face air-purifying respirator is the correct defense. You need to shave your face if you really want to use the N95 respirator mask.

Many of the national emphasis has been centered on the scarcity of respirators, such as N95 masks (the 95 masks relate to the reality that 95 percent of the tiny particulate matter in the environment is washed away through such devices), so that remains a subject of intense concern. Yet the inappropriate usage of N95 masks still places health care workers — and patients — at danger.

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Good news: You can actually protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an N95 respirator mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

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