FluShields Takes A Closer Look Into The Challenge Of Kids Wearing A N95 Masks

A teenager wearing a respiratory surgery mask

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"Do not make your young child wear an N95 mask", is a clear recommendation from various specialists and doctors around the world. This was the general view before the outbreak got out of hand and spread all over the planet.

Views have changed, therefore, as a general rule, the N95 and FFP type masks or PM2.5 filter equipped masks are appropriate for adults and teenagers to improve breathing air quality, as it depends on the size of the child, and his or her face.


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Nevertheless, if you decide for your small kid that he or she should wear a mask, please find some useful information in the following video or look for our colorful kids' masks for children in our shop.

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Reusable PM2.5 Face Masks for Children with Moisture Valves

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