The FluShields Team Discusses With Experts When The COVID-19 Dilemma Is Over

Is The COVID-19 Dilemma Over? A young woman wearing a surgical face mask behind jail bars.
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For the past last few months, many countries all over the world set nationwide lockdowns as they faced the predicament situation of Coronavirus well-known as COVID-19.

The whole world was shaken with fear that they might end of getting ill or worst dead; that the business industry might fall apart and the economy might be inflicted. Well, the results were inevitable.

Flights have been banned and the tourism industry had encountered a disastrous situation, as well as other industries connected with shipping products overseas. We were all manipulated by the virus, which made our lives limited to what we can do. Schools have been closed, as well as other establishments which have caused many people to lose job momentarily and some self-supporting workers to stop working. 

What we all experienced was a nightmare, and we are always wandering when will this nightmare end? When Is the Coronavirus crises over? Banner 728x90


After few months of quarantine, the government in some countries decided to lift up the lockdowns and made everything worked again. We were able to go to work following a certain guidelines, businesses were able to operate on a certain basis and people began to fill the road and other establishments. But, still, we are not as free as before. People should wear facemask or any other protective personal equipment to reduce the risks of getting ill from the Coronavirus.

This, obviously stated that we are NOT YET safe. The COVID-19 crisis is NOT yet OVER.


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It’s a major health risk to ignore the pandemic or think it’s no longer a threat — especially given the fact that a large number of people don’t display any symptoms of the disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that around 35% of COVID-19 infections are not showing symptoms. Other data from Iceland found that up to 50% of people who tested positive for COVID-19 are symptomless.

Without knowing it, many people might be spreading the virus, and those with pre-existing illness or diseases at the age of 60 and above might be in higher risk of getting infected. Wear a face mask when you go out, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and use hand sanitizer if necessary. 


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Be mindful that COVID-19 is still a problem. Don't ignore the guidelines regarding this issue. Be responsible with your health, lifestyle, and care for everyone around you. 


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