FluShields Provides Some Insights About a Sore Throat And If it Is a Sign of The Corona Virus?

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Research says that symptoms that a certain person can develop with COVID-19 may vary from one person to another. Symptoms are also called “signs” or “early indications” that may occur when an individual is about to encounter a certain sickness within his/her body. The common and most known symptoms that a particular person can possess are high fever, dry cough, and headaches. 

Besides having high fevers and dry cough, many people assume that sore throat can also be a sign of possible manifestation of the virus. Hence, to clarify things out, is sore throat really a sign of CoronaVirus? Is it really a so-called symptom that the people should be threatened about? 


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Sore throat, as we all know, refers to the irritation or the scratchy feeling we experience when we swallow a certain substance. It might be a cause of drinking too much cold water or excessive intake of sweets such as pastries and candies. This common illness had brought an alarm to the people nowadays for this has been concluded by many as one of the symptoms that states whether a certain person could have potential exposure to the Novel Coronavirus. But is it really one of the signs that a man should consider if she/he might have been infected by the virus? 

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In general, sore throat is not a very common symptom of COVID-19, it is just an early symptom that a person could experience depending on how he/she had got the illness. Many had considered this as a serious symptom for as we all know, CoronaVirus is a respiratory disease that has a huge attack on our respiratory systems which later on leads to common colds and throat irritations.

At this point in time, there are no definitive studies yet that accurately prove when exactly a sore throat occurs within the track of the infection, it is still undergoing thorough investigation and has never been finally documented at all. Also, a study in China,  mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that out of 55,000 confirmed cases, only 14 percent of the infected people reported that they had experienced sore throat before having been infected by the virus. 


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Hence, we should all be as alert and as careful as possible. When we tend to notice uncomfortable or doubtful behaviors and feelings, we should immediately call for help from any professional medical experts that could help us cope with what we are feeling. Self-medication nowadays is not that advisable anymore for what we are facing is a serious health matter that involves life and living.

CoronaVirus is not just an ordinary illness that can be cured easily through medicines, painkillers, or other herbal medicines that we usually do when we ought to feel something bad about ourselves. At this point, we should be wise about all the actions that we will be doing. We should listen to restrictions, health commands, safety measures, and even protocols given by our government and health leaders to lessen the possible growth of the infected number of people.

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Instead of wasting time scrolling through social media platforms and clinging ourselves to our sofa-bed all day long, we should start entering the new world of a healthy lifestyle such as doing daily exercises to strengthen immunity, daily intakes of vitamins for additional body protection, maintaining clean and organised surroundings, habiting a good sense of hygiene, disinfecting knobs and newly bought items from outside places, and use or bring any protective types of equipment and sanitizing materials such as facemasks, sanitizers, and alcohols especially when we desperately need to go outside to buy goods or accomplish any personal transactions. 

To further know more about how to protect yourselves during this pandemic, Flushields have provided several informative blogs to answer your questions and discover new hacks and learnings that we all can apply to our daily lives and routines.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

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