FluShields Asks How Much Control We Have Against The Corona Virus?

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We might not be able to say a hundred percent that the countries affected by coronavirus are getting better.

The only observations made were that the cases began to decrease once strict regulations and policies were implemented but once, the people disobey these policies or happen to be laid back about the current situation of the pandemic, the number of people getting infected by the coronavirus gradually increase.

But, still, people always have a positive outlook when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. Doctors and scientists continuously researching and solving the mysteries behind the spread of the virus and make every possible way to make an antidote or vaccines to help all the people be safe from the virus. Banner 728x90


Is Coronavirus getting better? Well honestly, there’s still no vivid answer as of now.

Looking at the bright side, some doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) reported that patients with confirmed cases of COVID-19 has a lesser viral load and don’t seem to get as ill as compared to those COVID patients a few months ago. Also, Italian researchers said that the new coronavirus was weakening, due to the same reason.


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But, on the other hand, the second wave of coronavirus hit the headlines in the US. The number of confirmed cases in the US, unfortunately, rises up again amounting to 2.5 million cases for the month of July. For this reason, Anthony Fauci, a US health official for infectious disease, sees that the unexpected situation is a continuation of the initial outbreak.

Given the situation, further research and testing might still be needed to know exactly whether coronavirus is getting better based from theoretical suggestions of some doctors who believed that the virus is weakening and lesser viral load were observed from the patients, or in worst case scenario - the second wave of the virus began to rise and hit the headlines again.


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