Tactical Sports Face Mask Are Reusable - With Practical Advise From The FluShields Team


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Reusable K N95 Respirator Mask (PM2.5) | Tactical Sports Design

Can you use N95 tactical design face masks over and over again? Do you have to buy a brand new mask each time you get sick or there is a virus spreading? These are all good questions, and the answer is yes. 

The new N95 face masks are more advanced than the ones you saw in the past. They have built -in replaceable carbon fibre filter covers for your lungs to protect you from dust, pollen and germs.

The new masks, while they have the same structural foam as the original masks, however, they have been improved in the protection of your skin. The masks now contain neoprene, which can not only filter out harmful radiation, but it might help to prevent any virus from entering your body.

This is great news for us in the “Corona Virus times”. Some people have found that the polyurethane can get very difficult to remove from their skin if it has been on a whole day. But this ‘challenge’ seems to be nothing compared to the benefit of wearing the N95 mask: just be aware of it,  pull it gently from your skin - it will come off!  


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If you are thinking about buying an N95 mask, or are wondering if you need to buy a brand new one every time you get sick, then just buy the N95 mask and respirators in bulk. You then have not to worry about any shortages. Simply stock up yourself! 

And if there is a shortage, one important addition to your respiratory protection plan can be the reuse of N95 respirators. The OSHA directive indicates that a respirator can actually be reused as long as it "maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled."



Good news: You can protect yourself as much as possible by wearing a N95 respirator mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

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