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Hygiene Rules in Times of Corona

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"One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases"


Bacteria, germs and other organisms are everywhere. Like any other organism, they also multiply a lot in every aspect. Hence the only difference of bacteria to some organisms is that their growth and their transfer from different portions can be faster than a blink of an eye creating thousands and thousands of them in a single minute.

If you are someone who doesn't prioritize hygiene and has the ability to settle in a dirty and filthy area, then you might want to give yourself some extra care and love before it’s too late. For your information, those people who engage with improper hygiene have a massive amount of chance to conquer different health risk complications such as skin problems, respiratory illnesses, and a lot more internal-related ailments.  

What is HYGIENE?

For those people who didn’t know what hygiene is - HYGIENE refers to the condition or practice involving improvement and maintenance of healthy well-being by means of cleanliness and proper body routines such as taking a bath, brushing teeth, changing of clothes, applying body mist, and a lot more.

Hospital staff and other related medical-inclined professionals are known for having extra hygiene and self-care as implemented protocols in their institutions since they are engaging in giving services for the improvement and retrieval of their patients’ health status.

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Hence, bacteria and other foreign substances don't choose their victims for attacking. Everybody is their target and everybody is capable of being infected or transmitted by this outgrowing bacteria everywhere whether you like it or not.

Proper hygiene should be applied both inside and outside households to be able to ensure your safety and mitigation against potential health assailants. To help you with that, FluShields have provided you a set of ways and tips to help you in obtaining your proper hygiene and achieving healthy wellness, inside and outside your home.

Going outside will make you much more prone to come across particles since the variation of factors are for you to encounter such as people, polluted air, contaminated surfaces, and other external factors. Here are some ways to double your defense and awareness while being active outside. Banner 728x90



1. Bring sanitizing materials for sanitizing purposes.

In public places, the washing area isn’t always visible anywhere. If you are a person who wants to immediately sanitize your hands after holding surfaces or before meals when outside, it is best to have travel-friendly size hand sanitizers or wet wipes on your bags for some purposes.

The availability of faucets, as well as water systems in some markets, is not always around hindering you from cleaning or doing your things when outside. Instead of tolerating the pain of your stomach and bladder because there is no sanitizing equipment available on cubicles which can sometimes cause internal complications to humans, try having wet wipes as an alternative dirt wiper during your excretion.

As a matter of fact, Flushields do produce hand sanitizers in different sizes and wet wipes that is best for all ages, for you, and for any situation possible.

2. Avoid holding or leaning in countertops and surfaces as much as possible.

Outside places as well as objects are known to be very contaminated since a lot of people are holding and engaging themselves with some surfaces especially when they feel tired or bored. If not necessary or needed, refrain from sticking yourself down to surfaces to avoid transmission of bacteria and unwanted substances in your body that could grow and multiply rapidly.

When needed, apply sanitizers or alcohols afterward to ensure bacteria elimination after the experience.

3. For sweating purposes, bring a hand and face towel with you.

If you’re living in a tropical country with hot weather, you might want to bring towels to wipe off your sweats while under the sun. You don’t want sweat falling down your face as if you were giving water irrigation for all. The best thing to keep you dry and sweat-free is by using face and hand towels.

Speaking about-face, you might be worrying about contaminants sticking into your faces. Try cleaning it with wet wipes to remove oil, dirt, and unwanted dust from your faces to refrain from having skin acne or problems. 


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4. Use hand gloves in handling objects outside.

As much as possible, we don’t want to duplicate the number of bacteria in our bodies. Since market products and goods are handed to one person to another before selling it on stores, outer coverings and its containers might already be contaminated especially when not handled properly. To avoid transmission of unwanted substances and protect hands from any external potentials, consider wearing hand gloves to ensure safety from external factors such as laceration, bacteria encountered, and more.



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On the other hand, inside houses might be less contaminated than the outside world, but the application of proper hygiene is still A MUST. Proper hygiene doesn’t go around within yourself only, it only starts within yourself, but it also involves other aspects such as your surroundings and activities.

1. Clean your household every day.
Like what was stated earlier, proper hygiene doesn’t only revolve around yourself hence also includes your surrounding orderliness. To clean a household, start by decluttering things that aren't functional anymore and consume a lot of space only, sweeping and mopping floors, and putting trash immediately outside houses to avoid indoor air contamination.
2. Apply disinfectant on surfaces and most handled objects.
Disinfecting will be a big help and a powerful technique that you should consider when cleaning your household. Start applying solutions that are of less chemical to avoid harmful effects and better cleaning. Apply those on doorknobs, gate locks, and other metal or steel-related objects that are commonly handled by people.
Focus more on metal or steel objects since these are areas that are prone to foreign unwanted substances and can obtain and grow quickly in a short period of time.
3. Place outdoor rugs for shoes sanitizing.
The outdoor world as stated a while ago is a place of double contamination and much prone to health risk environments that may affect our lives in a negative way. When you go outside or have some visitors coming to your house, you don’t want outside contaminants entering your houses from your or your visitor’s shoes.
In response, place a clean outdoor rug where you and your visitors can wipe their shoes off first before stepping in into your household.

4. Take a bath and wash your hands every while.
Taking a bath and washing your hands are the topmost proper hygiene practices that people should engage with since these activities will help you remove all the odor, toxins, dirt, sweat, and oil substances that you’ve collected and gathered throughout your day.
Make sure to use anti-bacterial and cleansing soaps to remove bacteria and unwanted particles in your body making you clean and ready for the day. Besides cleanliness, taking a bath and washing of hands will enable you to feel refreshed and bloom after a tiring or stressful day. You did not just wash out physical particles outside your body, but you also cooled down your feeling and well-being.
5. Apply sanitizers.
Alcohol is a good source of hand disinfectant. But did you know that hand sanitizer can also do well like alcohols but can be less consumable since these are made with gel substances? If you want some disinfectant that is neat and not over liquified, you might want to try using hand sanitizers since it doesn’t drift off hands and remain firm unless you dissolve and spread it around your hands.
6. Do your laundry immediately.
Did you know? When clothes aren’t immediately washed, its cloth starts to formulate twice bacteria which causes cloth discoloration and permanent smell attachment. Besides that, used compiled laundry clothes are also like trash bins which produce unwanted toxic gases that can be harmful to your health and also for the environment.
You don’t want that to happen, don’t you? Start loading your washing machines now with water and detergents and fill them up with your used clothes to prevent any of these things from happening.
7. Change bed covers and pillow sheets.
Are you using the same old bed sheets you have set two months ago? You might want to stand up and get your new bed covering from your cabinets and start changing those up. Bed sheets are still clothes that have the ability to absorb sweat and dirt from your T-shirt and even your body.
Apart from that, you might have some instances where your saliva is coming out of your mouth because of sleeping soundly and waking up in the morning leaving it until it has dried out. Disgusting right? To prevent bacteria growth, change sheets every month to ensure its cleanliness and your security while clinging to your bed for the next few days.
8. Apply air purifiers
For the final touch, after sweeping down floors, dusting up cabinets, and changing sheets, it’s time to purify your air for a good and refreshing sense of inhalation.
Adding to your daily routine hygiene is the application of an air purifier in your house to maintain topnotch indoor air quality.
In fact, FluShields can help you with that. With their air purifier, your home would be as contaminated-free as possible making you want to breathe in and out consecutively. Yes, that’s right! Throw out the dysfunctional air purifiers that give you headache and start purchasing one from FluShields to refresh your mind, body, and soul.


Now, you have your list to finally achieve healthy well-being by means of proper hygiene. Having to invest for yourself is called self-love and care for your own state. Start within yourself, and everything will follow. If you’re looking for a sign to engage more in a healthy lifestyle that you wanted to give a good start, then this is it. Good luck and have a fruitful journey to a well being.

Good news: You can actually protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an N95 respirator mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today. 

Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your comments, ideas, or feedback below so we can continue to provide you with great content. 


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