Some Practical Advise From The FluShields Team: How to Put on a N95 Mask

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In an effort to reduce the mortality rates of respiratory diseases - like now with the Coronavirus-, it is highly recommended that you should wear the N95 respiratory mask as long as you need to. If not worn properly, this protection could be jeopardized by the presence of moisture, virus or bacteria and carbon dioxide in the air.

The mask is prescribed to be worn for as long as 24 hours per day and can either be worn during daily work or/and daily sleeping.

When the mask is being used, you should remove it before washing your hands with clean water and placing the air filter back.

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You should also take time to ensure that the air filter is clean and not clogged. If it is clogged, it will have to be replaced as well. The air filter should also be cleaned and reused if it is damaged. This will help keep it clean and enable the person to use the mask more effectively.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

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