FluShields Takes A Serious Approach On Advising College Students To Stay Calm and Focused in Corona Times

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At no time has higher education been so comprehensively impacted as it has been by the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding complex and innovative responses. The effects of the global pandemic can be found in countries, communities, and on campuses everywhere, causing unique educational, economic and social challenges and deepening existing ones. The problem that lies behind the pandemic crisis not just affects the people at work but also the college students who strive to make a great college experience.

Due to extended enhanced community quarantine in some countries, there were also some changes for universities in colleges across the globe. College students who are already in their senior years are expecting to have a fulfilling, exciting and out of their comfort zone experience for their last year. But, unexpectedly, COVID-19 spread worldwide affecting people across the globe and putting a halt to any kind of fun or accomplished college experience. Some may call this phenomenon a kind of 'spoiled suffering' of fun searching students, but society has to take it seriously to support students who have to learn to deal with no social interaction, getting used the more distant virtual learning experiences, and often a completely new lifestyle with the constant danger of getting infected by COVID-19

And even without the pandemic, college students might have probably experienced anxiety and depression due to various factors such as peer pressure, too much work-loads, family problems, and even their love struggles. These factors became much anticipated as COVID-19 struck and new fears are added on top.

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Due to the pandemic situation, sudden changes in school policies and regulations have been implemented. Some universities and colleges might just offer Online Courses and this might be a hindrance for those who are living in the countryside with a very poor internet connection at home. Some boarding houses might be closed due to the guidelines regarding physical distancing and made the students go back home. This situation might be favored by some but not for all. Others might be uncomfortable traveling back home due to limited transportations especially if they came from another city or country. And others might find it troublesome to stay with their family because of some circumstances such as violence, family problems, and the likes.

The current situation for some universities and colleges across the globe is not always favorable for all. Sometimes, this situation adds up to the pressure the students have, which might lead to anxiety and the worst depression. COVID-19 has increased fear: fear of contagion, which has led to a contagion of fear. Fear of each other, avoiding crowds and wearing a face mask all the time.  A fear that we may not be able to mitigate with online chats, webinars, or learning platforms, a fear that we may not able to address when students hunch over their keyboards.

Depression cannot be neglected, it’s a serious case relating to the mental health of a person, which results in unexpected behavior or worst-case scenarios like burnout or even boreout. 

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College students should take the following measures to learn to cope and prioritize amidst the COVID-19 outbreak:

Self-care before anything else
As a student, the school takes a huge part in your life. But, even with how heavy or how hard the school works are, you need to take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable in doing all the things you need to accomplish. Pushing yourself too hard is not good, you will just ruin your mental, emotional and physical abilities. Everything that is too much can affect your motivation. You should always tell yourself that good mental health should be prioritized above anything else. As a student, you need to be using your brain at all times, so making it rest for a while will boost your energy to continue moving forward.

Limit the use of social media and other news outlets
We know that social media and news outlets play vital roles in today’s pandemic crisis. We can get information from our digital devices and be updated with the things we want to know. But, bear in mind that not all information that you can see from social media is quite true. There is still some falsified information that can bring you bad things. You can feel gloomy, uncomfortable and even some information might lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and self-inferiority.


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Manage your time and workspace
For some students, studying at home might be worse than studying at school. Time management is far different from what you used to have in school. At home, there are various distractions and other things you need to do. Sometimes, these things might get you distracted from your online classes, resulting in the inability to cope up with your syllabus. Having time management will solve this problem. Making yourself comfortable while studying at home will be a great choice. Take a rest whenever you feel tired, there’s no sense in studying hard if you get ill from doing and expecting too much from yourself. You need a healthy body, to have a healthy mind. And, if you are healthy, you can have a bright future ahead of you.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle
You don’t need to focus too much on studying just because you are at home. You don’t have to sit all day facing your computers and reading all the syllabus that your professor has given you. You need to balance your personal life with your school life. You need to do some exercises every morning and stick to the routine. You need to eat healthy meals and not skip even one meal a day. Even with how busy you are, you need to take care of yourself. No one will do it for you, you need to do it for yourself. Studying online will give you a better chance to have time for yourself in a while, you just need to do everything right and make everything balanced.


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Become a Leader
You should also develop a consciousness of your role in society - as an agent of social justice, leadership awareness, and competencies. Use your academic training as a student to develop more critical thinking and acting, embracing an appreciation for diversity - act as a role model to show people a way to cope with challenging times. Rise up to becoming a leader. This will definitely help you to stay out of any depression or other issues while coping with the Corona pandemic.

Even with or without the COVID-19 outbreak, you need to make a routine of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Keep calm and stay healthy.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

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