Here is Why Your Face Mask is not as Effective as You Think

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Life hasn't been easy since the pandemic has hit us all. Individuals from all walks of life have been affected because of it so far. Wearing face masks while being in a public place is the new normal since pandemic has happened. Wearing a face mask is a must in public as a precautionary measure to avoid getting infected by COVID. The novel coronavirus has made face masks an essential commodity not only for the medical professional but also for the general public also. There is a wide variety of face masks out there, but any ordinary face mask cannot be used for a specific occasion, as every occasion demands a different set of requirements.

Since the pandemic hit, we have witnessed which face masks offer protection and which ones don't. Since the very genesis of the novel coronavirus, scientists have been researching this virus, trying to know it in every way possible, from its incubation period to its aftermath, and various other factors that will help them decrease the spread of this deadly virus. Face masks are now one of the essential accessories, whether you go out for a walk around the block or a trip to another city face masks are also symbolic of the fact that there is still something out there that may affect our bodies from inside.


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Facts you need to know before buying a face mask!

By now you must be knowing that all face masks are not the same, and every face mask serves a different purpose. We have witnessed a diversity of face masks, from the classic surgical face mask to the incredible DIY homemade face masks, which are next to being an ineffective piece of cloth. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has released a checklist of the prerequisites of an effective face mask that must be inspected before buying a face mask. As per the suggestions of CDC, one must go for a face mask that has :


  • Two or more layers of breathable and washable fabric,
  • That fits from chin to nose while exposing the cheeks.
  • None of the areas on the mask should have gaps or spaces.
  • It would be even better if it has a feature to adjust the strap from the ear and adjustable nose wires.

When talking about reusable face masks, one should go for the ones that have a proper filter and that filters that are easy to change when the previous one expires, and the most crucial point in the checklist is to ensure that they are machine wash friendly.



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Do you need to wear a face mask even while doing some active sports?

This happens to be a highly subjective question, and the answer to this question depends on various factors and your surroundings. In a place where there are few to no people around, one can continue his active sports without the masks, and when one has quite a few people around him, one has to wear a face mask without any second thought.

While doing activities that demand high effort and high intensity, will make one feel shortness of breath which is very obvious because the face mask decreases the airflow making it difficult to breathe for anyone. A face mask while working out and performing active sports will impact your pace. The aftermath of which can be a hard time catching breath, fatigue.


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Checklist of a suitable Sports face mask.

Performing tasks like running, jogging, or working out can be a difficult task to do when you are wearing a face mask, it can result in excessive sweat, which would eventually make your face mask damp, and it has been observed that a wet face mask, especially from the outside can make it ineffective to a certain extent, which can make it even more uncomfortable and shorten the breath. There are face masks specially designed to alleviate the problems stated above. Sports face masks are specially designed to eliminate the problems faced by anyone while wearing a regular face mask. They are made of a fabric that makes them more breathable and less uncomfortable than an ordinary face mask. This actively demonstrates that a sports face mask doesn't allow the retention of moisture, is more comfortable comparatively, and is designed in such a fashion that it would not fall off if you wear it and perform some active sports or any other activity. So if you are an individual who is an avid sports folk, don't let the virus keep you sitting in a room. Grab a sports face mask and while maintaining every precaution and keep your game up. Explore the sports face masks that are made to repel and absorb the moisture while making sure that it is not too thick or restricts the circulation of oxygen.


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To sum up, everything that has been stated so far it can be concluded that every situation demands different conditions, therefore, for every situation, a different kind of mask should be used. There are various scattered options available on the internet that can provide you a sports face mask. But on our website, you can explore a plethora of options and select the one that you think suits you the best. Our team has created an anti-slip design velcro face mask that is the final stop to all of your sports mask requirements. Our reusable sports face masks are meant for avid sports folks like you and can withstand rough weather, and they are built to last. With our face mask, you need not worry about the size of the face mask as they have been designed on the "one size fits all" principle. Have a look at the wide range of sports face masks and save yourself and your loved ones from the novel coronavirus while enjoying your sport to the fullest. Click on this link to buy one for yourself, and use the code FS10 to get a special discount of 10% on your purchase.

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The FluShields team hopes this article will enrich your minds and help you in your walk of life. Feel free to send us an email or leave us a positive and constructive comment here or in the original blog post. Peace and blessings.

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