FluShields Reminds Everybody That Nobody Should Miss Out on Education in Corona Times.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela, a former President of South Africa, was known for sharing inspirational and motivational quotes to his citizens to value education more than other things around. In this quote, he concluded that education will be the weapon that can be used by people someday in changing the world to a much better one. 

But how about now? What if the world now changes education? Could education still be powerful enough to bring change to our world? 

Obviously, yes! 

Staying at home is one of the most observed rules to be strictly followed by each person for safety and survival. Because of this, face-to-face classes were abruptly forbidden as of the period while waiting for the final vaccine against the coronavirus disease. 

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Education is considered as an essential thing to a person’s life. Knowledge will be a tool that everyone can use to be able to succeed and survive life in the years to come. And because of this, education needs to be still and continue growing as it ease. 

In response to this modern virus, local government authorities that focus on education set standards and plans to be able to continue education while everyone is under the pandemic. The current solution that the authorities finally concluded is the application of classes by means of online learning. 

Online classes refer to the learning of students from their instructors via the Internet. This procedure is way different than the normal face-to-face physical classes that students are engaging in before. In this phase, students were to listen to their instructors by means of video or audio calling. Everything happens through online - modules, discussions, and even workbooks and activities. There is no need for students to go to their respective schools at times but having the same schedule will still surely be applied for organizing classes. 

This is a tough thing to consider for everything is new not only to the students but also to our teachers. They weren’t prepared in discussing everything online because they loved going to schools and entering classrooms to teach and to give lessons personally. Hence bear in mind that educational authorities give their utmost best to be able to produce virtual modules and slides for the students to have good accessible and comfortable learning while staying at homes. 

Schools have also provided virtual classrooms to organize workbooks and deadlines given by the instructors for students. They have also provided premium access to any educational sites that can help their students for research and information purposes. Besides these things, teachers also extract extra and flexible time for students who wish to contact them outside classes for clarifications and individual learning especially for those who are in need to have special attention and slow coping problems. 

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Educational authorities are giving their double time and efforts to be able to formulate great outcomes of their plans as a response to this modern pandemic. So students and teachers must also need to shed their foremost sweats and blood to be able to have significant experience with online learning. There is nothing difficult for those people who want to learn. Finding ways and showing eagerness is a sign of an individual wanting to top-notch life and be a better, productive citizen in the future to come. 

Remember that today’s generation will eventually handle and govern the world later. Start molding and honing them to the best that they can be while we still have time and opportunities. It is them who’ll hold the future while our grandmothers and former leaders were already resting after a long way of having their own journeys before. Continue and together, we grow! 

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