FluShields Gives Advise For Person With Breathing Complications

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We are so used to the sight of face masks everywhere that a person who is not wearing one just plainly stands out. It’s easy to feel some kind of anger toward a person who is out in public and not wearing a mask. But before you get angry, understand that in some cases, a person shouldn’t wear a mask - also according to the CDC. 

The CDC has stated that children under two years old, people who are unconscious or incapacitated, people who are physically unable to remove their masks and people who have breathing problems should not wear masks.  While there are many options to buy KN95 / N95 face masks online, not everyone will be able to breathe comfortably while wearing one.

Unfortunately, the CDC’s wording regarding people with breathing problems and if they are mandated to wear a face mask not matter what is not clear. There are many issues that can cause breathing problems; breathing problems can range from very mild to severe. This means that people with breathing problems must decide for themselves whether or not a mask would be appropriate for them.

One needs to keep in mind that wearing a mask won’t necessarily protect you from getting infected, as they are worn to prevent spreading the virus to others. Therefore, not wearing a mask won’t necessarily make you much more vulnerable than the rest of the population. But it may make you feel uneasy and kind of exposed to viruses and other particles floating around in the air, especially in closed rooms.

The FDA and WHO have been even less straightforward about the do’s and don’ts of wearing a face cover. On the FDA homepage it says "If worn properly, face masks, surgical masks, or respirators may reduce the chance of spreading a COVID-19 infection between you and those around you." 

There are many different reasons why a person may have difficulty breathing.  A common reason is asthma, a condition that affects a person’s airways. If a person with asthma wears a wrong face mask it can indeed worsen symptoms. 

FluShields offers the perfect face masks for people with breathing problems: sports face mask with PM2.5 filters.

Other common causes for difficult breathing are emphysema or pneumonia. But if your breathing problems are caused by a COVID-19 infection, you should not be out in public at all. And if you need to go to a doctors appointment, you should call first and find out, if you should stay at home or if you are actually allowed to go out. In that case, you should definitely wear a face mask to protect others. You may choose a lighter surgical mask in this case and a face shield to make sure you won't spread the virus around your loved ones and out in the public.

Things get more complicated when you consider breathing difficulties that are caused by non-respiratory issues. For instance, those who struggle with anxiety attacks tend to have difficulty breathing. There are also some digestive disorders that can interfere with lung capacity due to the fact that the esophagus and stomach are close to the lungs. Are these people also exempt from wearing a mask? The CDC does not get into specifics, so you must use your own discretion.  And, of course, you can speak with your doctor, as he or she can tell you whether or not you should wear a mask.

One should not forget that if you already have moderate to severe breathing issues, you will likely have more severe symptoms should you catch the virus.  Therefore, you should avoid being out in public as much as possible, whether you are able to wear a mask or not.

If you cannot wear a mask, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still employ methods for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. By practicing the other social distancing measures, such as avoiding gatherings, not touching your face, disinfecting your hands, keeping up a strict hygiene regimen and staying at least six feet away from others, you can still do your part in slowing down the spread of the Coronavirus.

While the CDC exempts certain people from wearing masks, many states have strict laws about when you must wear a mask. This means that while the CDC may allow you to not wear one, you may still not be able to engage in certain activities, such as going to a grocery store, unless you have a mask on. 

Remember that it’s far more important to wear a mask when you’re indoors or in a crowd than if you’re outdoors and away from people. In other words, if you have breathing problems and cannot wear a mask, you can still safely go for a walk around your neighborhood as long as you’re not within six feet of others.

While the CDC urges people to wear a face covering whenever they are out in public, there are some people who are exempt from this guideline. If you have breathing difficulties, you are not required to wear a mask, as doing so could make your problem worse. Instead, practice the other social distancing guidelines, and you should be fine.  


Good news: You can actually protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an N95 respirator face mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.



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  • Flushields wants to help Mother Earth from disposing of too much surgical face mask every day. This washable and easy dry face mask is just made for people with breathing problems. These face masks will retain their quality after many numbers of washes. Change filters, disinfect them, dry them, and reuse them. 

    Good news: You can actually protect yourself as much as possible by wearing an N95 respirator face mask: Get your N95 respirator masks for the whole family today.

    Disclaimer: Please note that we can only pass on general information and cannot make any guarantees or be liable for any consequences of your decision making or behavior. Use good common sense and ask your healthcare provider or physician for advice.

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